5 Best Email Template To Improve Your Content Marketing Results

In today’s era the marketing is totally based on the mantra ‘The better you portray it, more you reap from it’. The two major ways of showcasing your service or product are either by images or by content (both are needed together most of the time). Let us suppose that you have generated content for your website either in the form of blogs, news, articles but the reach of your content is limited to a small group of people. Having this small reach will make your ideas go unnoticed.

To make a larger impact, there is a need to promote the content that you have generated. And when it comes to promotions, what is better than Email Marketing? Many companies promote their offers, blogs through the email newsletters and in turn enjoy the benefits in the manifold. There need to be some points that are to be considered while planning for the blog promotion through email newsletters :

Make a list of subscribers

Start by jotting down the subscriber’s email ids that show the highest engagement, maybe in the case of Open rates, Click-through rates or the total time spent. This will give you a way of whom to consider the target audience for your content promotion.

Segregating on the basis of interests

Having made the list of the target audience, now divide them on the basis of their interest, be it sports, current affairs, fashion, technology. This will increase the relevance of the email newsletters and the chance of engagement.

Personalize your emails

While sending the newsletters to your targeted audience, always keep in mind to address them with their names. This helps the subscriber to bond better with your company/initiative and also it makes them pay more attention to the message that has to follow.

Allow Sharing on digital platforms

One of the ways of gaining more readers is by enabling the social share in your email newsletters. So, when subscribers like your work, they can share it with their connections through social platforms. You will be able to reach more audience and the cycle of reading and sharing will go on.

Give full access

You need to provide your subscribers with all the information about all your work. Be it social platforms, email ids or the website link, give them access to all.

Having summed up all these points, we have designed many engaging email templates that promote the blogs, news, articles and all the content-based work. Listed below are the top 5 HTML email templates are the best fit for all your needs :

Airmail v1.0- Minimal and Responsive Blog Email Template

Airmail is a fully responsive modern email newsletter template for professionals to promote blogs, articles, services, news, videos, and digital resources. The clear and user-friendly interface help marketers to get more visitor and leads from subscribers.

Download Here Airmail - Responsive blogging email template preview

Xread – Multipurpose Responsive Blog Email Template

A completely responsive multipurpose email template for promoting blogs, articles, news items, video, online courses, digital downloads, and digital assets. Suitable for any kind of corporate, office, agency, start-up, entertainment, business, and general categories.

Download Here Xread - Responsive blog email template preview

Postify – Multipurpose Blogging Email Template With Masonry Layout

A fully responsive email template for content-specific emails like blogs, articles or news. The template is compatible with powerful StampReady online email builder. You can simply copy, paste, tweak and publish your email campaign with StampReady.

Download Here Postify - Responsive blog email template preview

Loki v1.1 – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template

A mobile-friendly email template to level up your HTML email promotions on mobile, iPad and desktop screens. The email template is designed to promote blogs, articles, news, portfolio, videos, photographs, graphics, and digital assets.

Download Here Loki - Multipurpose responsive email template preview

Blogpack – Multipurpose Blog Email Template

A modern, minimal and creative email template to promote blogs, articles, news items, case studies, white papers, and digital downloads. The template is compatible with popular email clients, services and browsers.

Download Here Blogpack - Responsive blog email template preview