5 Best Email Template To Promote Freelancer’s Work

With the changing trend about how to work, the inclination towards freelancing has increased to a greater extent. People are interested more and more to work as a freelancer because it offers them to choose the place and time they want to work in. Because of its lots of benefits and the increasing trend, competition has also started to bother them. More the projects to showcase, more would be the worth. But it is a full circle, i.e., For projects you need clients – For clients, you need projects.

In the market full of immense talent and a lot of competition, as a freelancer all you need to focus is on certain tips apart from the work that you do –

Reach to a larger audience

Even when you are fully confident about your skills and talent, you need to show to people about what all you have to offer. There has to be a larger set of audience who can see and review your work.

Be socially active

In this digital era, one has to be totally connected with their clients through social media platforms. Providing the clients with the ways through which they can reach you, helps to be in regular touch with them.

Always be updated

With the rapid changing technologies, you need to be fully aware of what all is new and trending. And when your client realises that you are at par with the latest trends, they are more likely to invest in you.

Showcase your work

Displaying your projects and your talents in the cleanest and understandable manner are what makes the first impression in the mind of the clients. They are mainly interested in finding that how you can add value to their business and the only way they can get impressed is how you show your portfolio.

Taking all these crucial points in consideration, we have created some amazing Html email templates for you to let the world know about your abilities –

Shots v1.0 – Photography Responsive HTML Email Template – Mailerstock

The intense love for capturing moments makes us fall for pursuing it as a career. And having done that, you need people to know about the world through your pictures. To make a higher reach in people’s inbox, the Shots email template is the best fit when it comes to showcase the images.

Download Here Shots v1.0 - Photography Email Template

Loki v1.2 – Responsive Masonry Grid Email Template – MailerStock

How would it be when you get the opportunity to portray all your major work in the smallest canvas possible? With Loki email template, we have tried to do the same by developing a masonry grid layout to utilize the emailer space in the most clean and creative manner.

Download Here Loki - Multipurpose responsive email template preview

Loki v1.1 – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template – MailerStock

Keeping your subscribers updated with the latest news and articles of all around the world or sending them blogs related to their interests is the best way of engaging with them. Our Loki v1.1 template presents a very simple and subtle layout to present all of these with clarity.

Download Here Loki - Multipurpose responsive email template preview

Circle v1.0 – Multipurpose Agency Email Template – MailerStock

To sum up all the tips that are discussed above, we have built Circle email template. It is the one stop solution to all your worries about promoting your work. This template covers your achievements, projects, blogs, testimonials and ofcourse your portfolio with a well-thought format.

Download Here Circle - Responsive agency email template preview

Airmail v1.0- Minimal and Responsive Blog Email Template – MailerStock

In case you are looking for an email template that is more focused towards promoting content, we have got you covered. Airmail email template promotes the blogs, articles, news in a systematic and readable manner, which will leave your subscribers with a sense of appreciation.

Download Here Airmail - Responsive blogging email template preview


Working with convenience is what is been desired the most and being a freelancer that is what you opt. To make the most of your work, you need to reach more and more people and that is what we are there to help for. Keep promoting your work through the email templates designed just for you.

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