5 Email Marketing Trends of 2020 That You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s 2018 and email marketing is still considered as one of the vital communication mediums. Each year brings something new, fresh, and innovative in the email marketing space and this year is no exception. Below, we have compiled 5 email marketing trends of this year which are sure to help you in redefining your email marketing strategy, lend you a helping hand in communicating to your clients, and convert prospects into loyal customers. Have a look!

1. AI-Driven Email Marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in a large number of industries. Even though the scope and application of AI in the world of email marketing are still vague, but the experiments are at their peak. AI solutions are sure to help in optimizing the content for the emails that the brand usually leverage to communicate with their target audience. There are even portals and tools that utilize the potential of AI to optimize email campaign and personalize them for its audience. Ironically, the use of AI will help in making the emailers and email campaigns more human.

2. Mobile-First Approach

As per an article published on litmus.com in the year 2017, 54% emails are seen on mobile devices first, with most of them being smartphones. Thus, it is indispensable for the businesses and marketers to design mobile-first emails first and then concentrate on making the design for the desktop systems. It is essential that they make the subscription forms, call-to-action-buttons, and various other elements mobile device friendly to provide the recipients with brilliant user experience.

3. Subscribers/Email List Splitting

One cannot ignore the fact that customers today are bothered by a slew of brands with their promotional emails. This leads to unread and ignored emails and a huge bounce rate. But what if you can target the audience based on certain parameters which ensure more conversions from your email campaigns? You can now achieve your desired objective through email campaigns by segmenting your subscribers or email lists based on demographics, age, interests, and even locations. As per the Email Marketing Industry Census for 2017, around 80% email marketers use the technique of segmentation and this trend is not going to settle any soon. Undertake surveys, collect data, and utilize the same to define these parameters/characteristics for effective email marketing.

4. Interactive Email Campaigns

When you make your emailers fun to read and view, there are high chances that the recipients take the desired action. And making interactive emails is not rocket science! All you need to do is fuse certain interesting elements with the email that you send, for instance, polls, image galleries, quizzes, funny CTAs, and surveys. Interactive emails are in trend from the last couple of years and it is sure to continue in 2018 and many more years to come.

5. Embed Videos in Email

Undoubtedly, videos are one of the most powerful types of content. It becomes quite simple and seamless for the marketers to put forward their point and communicate with the audience with the help of videos. Interestingly, as per socialmouths.com, emails that have videos embedded in them increase the conversion rate by a whopping 24%. Right from a video on the product/service feature to a simple video testimonial, you can embed them all in your email. Videos are in trend. Yes! Even in 2018. Leverage their potential to reach your ultimate objective.

Wrapping Up

These new ways and trends are sure to spice up your entire email marketing strategy and help you break the clutter. You, as a brand, should leverage them quickly before the marketers label them as old chestnuts.