Boost Your Sales by Enabling Social Share on Email Campaigns

In this competitive era, the main influencing and trendsetting way of promotion is through social media. These social media websites are the most accessible way to engage with customers. This is the prime reason why each now has separate teams to manage their social handles.

Need For Social Sharing In Emails

As we have discussed the influence of social media in our daily life, the other most engaging way of connecting with people is through emails. When an email is sent, the subscriber might want to introduce your brand or the offer to his/her followers and friends through the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Providing them an option to share your newsletter helps them become a source of information for their connections and in turn, they bring more engagement and clients for your business.

How does it increase brand’s social engagement

Once the subscriber shares your newsletter with his/her connection on the social media, you gain loyalty points from the subscriber as well as from the people who are getting influenced by it. In turn, you end up delivering your message to a large audience by just allowing your subscriber to socially share it. Your brand promotion on the personal social handles of the subscribers increases the authenticity of your brand and makes it a safer alternative for the customers to trust.

Enabling Social Share In Emails

There are some self-coded social buttons that help you enable social share in your email campaigns. Just add these URL to your social media icon or button and after u= add the link of the page that you want to share or check all our engaging email templates consisting of the social share icons placed at perfect locations urging the recipients to share your content.


<a href="">Share on Twitter


<a href="">Share on Twitter


<a href = "">Share on LinkedIn


<a href=""> Share on Google+


With the growing social media audience, we need to get hold on the email subscribers as well as on the social media users. The most appropriate way to accomplish this is by focusing on both – the right strategy for the social icon placement and engaging email design. You can even opt for our modern-design highly converting HTML email templates to save your time and resources. Do let us know in case you need to learn more or seeking for a advice.