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Edit And Customize Email Template With Stampready Builder

How to edit email templates with Campaign Monitor

Mailerstock builds the email newsletters compatible with the powerful online builder, StampReady. StampReady is an email platform that provides the tool to edit, customize and send email newsletters.

The simple and innovative user interface of StampReady lets you build newsletter within minutes. With this powerful online editor, you can edit content, style properties, colors, images and background without any coding skill.

In order to use StampReady’s builder, you need to first sign up for a free account on their site. Once you have an account, you can proceed to upload and start using our product with their platform.

The StampReady-integrated files of our templates can be found in the /stampready folder.

This folder has the same structure as the standalone files from the /html folder, only that all files inside it are editable or ready to use with StampReady

Import Template

After purchasing template from Mailerstock, follow these steps to create template for your next email campaign –
  1. Create an account on StampReady.
  2. Expand the Campaigns option.
  3. Navigate to the New Campaign page.
  4. Import template from your purchased file. You can import template in four ways:
    • Zip File
    • HTML File
    • By Code
    • By URL
  5. Check the preview of email template and click on Use Template.
  6. Check the preview of email template and click on Use Template.

Customize Your Template

After importing template, you will be redirecting to the stampready builder. Here you can build your template with various options.

Create Modules

With stampready, you can select, duplicate and delete any module.

Unlimited Colours

Stampready provides the color picker with unlimited colour options. You can customize text, backgrounds and buttons with desired colour scheme.

Edit Content

  • Text – Click on the text and start editing. Also select content and you will be able to set text alignment, font weight and style.
  • Image – Click on the image. You will find the option tooltip on it. Upload image from your system. The default image size will be showing on tooltip. Even Stampready shows image crop option when you upload.
  • Hide Image – Click on the image. You will find the option tooltip on it. Hide image from it.

CSS Styling

  • Colours – You can change the colours of fonts, backgrounds, and borders.
  • Appearances – You can change the font sizes of Heading, Subheading, Paragraphs and any text content in the template.

Edit Backgrounds

You can change the background images with option below Appearances. You also need to change path of image in vml markup.

External Links

  1. Edit Link – Click on the link and you will find a tooltip to edit it.
  2. Insert Link – Click and select the text or image. You will find a option in tooltip to insert link.

Export Campaign

Export To Desktop – You can customize any version of template i.e. stampready, campaign monitor, and mailchimp with stampready builder. Export the template to desktop and send it to your audience with any email service. You can also send through stampready.

Limitations and Other Notes

Although StampReady’s builder is quite advanced and flexible, it still has its drawbacks, at least for now.

Conflicting Browser Plugins

The Grammarly browser plugin severely affects online email editors, including StampReady. By injecting itself into the page, it corrupts email HTML, resulting in a broken template.

Please disable any plugins such as Grammarly or Adblock when using an online email builder.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend disabling any plugins that manipulate content on a web page when using any of the integrations provided with our email templates.