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Best Blogger Email Templates

Do you love blogging? Express your love for writing through better structured and informative blogging email templates. Showcase your latest articles, trending stories, most popular titles, quick reads, best in category articles, and a lot more. Improve your readership and increase your blog traffic with our Best Blogger Email Templates.

Best Blogger Email Templates

Blogging for many is a passion and for the others its the income source. Bloggers produce content and then the audience they cater to reads and comments. The content they produce comes after hectic research on the part of the topic and even testing (when the blogs are of technical niche).

Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, all were highlighted in recent times as the medium to reach the larger reader base with the content. From news journalists to moms who love to cook, everyone has something to say and share. What do they do? They start blogging.

It is demotivating and even in cases financially wrecking to see minimal traffic coming to your blog and even lesser actually reading the content. You know that you write something meaningful and proofread it million times, then why does it not work? Well, good chances are no one really knows about your latest blog post! Yes.

Best Newsletter Templates for Bloggers

Established content creators, bloggers, vloggers, podcasts use email marketing to timely ping their customer base about their latest addition or something that is going viral via their blog or maybe something that the customer should immediately checkout. They prepare and capture emails on their mailing list(s) and that helps them reach their reader’s mailbox. Email marketing still is the numero uno method to reach your audience from right when they make their first cup of coffee in the morning to the late night ‘inbox scrolling’ session.

Email marketing is already an established service offering where many brands offer great functionality when you use their system. Mailchimp Templates, AWeber and iContact being the well-known names. What they somewhere lack is in providing you with the option to choose from the ‘wide’ an array of email marketing templates.

Email Templates for Blogger

We provide Outlook Email Template for blogging business which is responsive and aesthetically pleasing for you to use in your email marketing campaign. You can choose the best blogger email templates from the large set of options for our responsive email marketing templates collection.

We bring you professionally created email templates at Mailerstock.com. All our responsive email templates are tested across 73+ browsers, devices, and platforms which ensures that your story is conveyed aesthetically and without any readability glitches on any screen size.

You just need to browse our collection of email marketing templates, choose your category and select any template. All our templates support major email marketing services. We’ve also tested our templates on ‘Email on Acid’ which assures a benchmark of quality.