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Email Marketing Templates Design

HTML Email Templates are the backbone of the email marketing strategies. While designing the email templates or customizing them to your requirements, you may come across many issues :

  • Emails are not received by the audience in their inbox, instead they end up landing in the spam folders.
  • Even if the user receives the email, the next question arises is - whether the email gets opened, clicked or is it driving the audience to your website.
  • Confused about what to write or include in your email marketing template. The emails even after being opened, are not able to drive the traffic to your website. You often wonder why? The reason being that the html email template is unable to keep the user engaged; this may be because of lack of images or engaging content.
  • Emails do not appear in proper format as the original when viewed on different desktops, tablets or mobile-widths.
  • Email Templates are not compatible with the major email marketing platforms that are designed to send and test bulk emails.
  • As Outlook ignores many rules as compared to other email clients, you might land up into unstructured email template.
  • Email designs are not browser compatible to be viewed in all the major browsers(such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, etc.)

Marketing Email Templates

The problems listed above can be overcomed either by designing your own email or appointing a developer to code the entire email from scratch. This may cost a huge amount of money and time. On the other hand, designing a mobile responsive email template must be priority as according to a survey around 55% of email newsletters are opened on mobile devices.

Responsive HTML Email Templtes Design

In the era of creative and top-notch promotion strategies, the urge of making your brand a success will be the sole purpose of the brand marketing. Testing and editing the template every single time is not feasible for you and may land you in deep trouble while debugging the issues. In order to make a lasting impression on the user’s mind, well-designed and articulated responsive email newsletters are the right option.

After innumerable efforts in testing and evaluating, we, people at Mailerstock have assembled high converting responsive html email templates that fit into various industries, works with any product or services that you render, which excludes the guessing game for writing email marketing templates to help you convert all the major leads into your business.