How Abandoned Cart Emails Give Boost to E-Commerce Sales

Have you ever come across the situation where user leaves your site or abandon their cart at the last step of placing order? It feels even worse when you are putting lot of efforts in order to grow your customer base.

Let us first understand what do we mean by the term ‘Abandoned Cart’ –

“When customers add items to their online shopping cart but exit the website without making a purchase.”

Why do you decide to not buy the things you put in your cart? While some are obvious, here are the top reasons why customers ditch their shopping plans, according to research:

High Shipping Costs

The most common reason behind abandoning the cart is the amount that is added to the user’s purchase amount as the shipping cost. Most of the users do not encourage the practice of paying a considerable amount for the purpose of shipping, which urges them to leave the website without placing order.

Lack of Time

Customers in many cases may leave the website just because they fell short of time or they get busy in other work. In such situations, they might forget to return to the shopping bag to complete the purchase.

Complicated Checkout Process

The thing that pisses off the customer is the complexity through which they have to go in order to place the order. More difficult the process more will be the number of unhappy customers which will lead to many cases of abandoning the cart.

Lack of Payment Options

At the time of checkout, customer always wishes for the ease of payment. This can be achieved by giving the customer bunch of payment options to choose from. In case we fail to provide the same, customer is likely to move out of the website, leaving the process of payment.

Internet Connection was Cut Off

The Internet connectivity can also play major role in customer’s behaviour. It may be the case that the user is about to place the order but the connection gets interrupted somehow and that may lead to mood shift or the customer might forget about the order.

Other Technical Problems on the Site

During the process, if the website encounters with any glitch and behaves in weird manner, the user ought to close it and move to any alternative for purchasing the item.

No Guest Checkout Option

In many situations, user is not willing to create an account on the website but wishes to buy items from the website. In that case, it is most likely that the user will not complete the purchase from that website.

Unclear Return Policy

Sometimes when the the product does not fit in, user wants to returns it. It that case, they feel comfortable if the return policies are hassle-free and clear at the time of placing the order. If the customer does not find it easy or clear, it might turn into a big no for them.

Security Issues

Online customers are mainly worried about sharing their personal information and card details, especially on relatively unknown sites. In case they are not made sure about the security of their information, they tend to drop the idea of purchase.

Delivery Time

Speed of delivery is the main factor that matters for online shoppers because they are usually impatient and want to receive their order as fast as possible.

By now, we are quite familiar with the term Abandoned Cart and the reasons behind this behaviour. Let us now explore the best possible solution in order to bind the customer to the website. According to recent data from Business Insider forecast, merchants would lose $4.8 trillion worth of merchandise in abandoned carts! Good news is that 60% of the lost money is recoverable. The most effective way of dealing with this issue is by Email Marketing.

We, at Mailerstock provide simple and beautiful templates that make impression on the customer’s mind and urges them to resume their process of ordering the product.In short, it solves the purpose of engaging the customer again to your website.

Listed below are some of the top templates that we recommend for you :

Trolley v1.0 – Responsive Abandoned Cart Email Template

Use this modern, minimal and responsive HTML email template to send notifications to your customers for complete their purchase. The email template is tested on 89+ different desktop, mobile and web email clients. Download here –

Trolley v1.1 – Responsive Abandoned Cart Email Template

The major benefit of this template is its look and feel. Call to Action has been designed keeping simplicity in mind. Along with it, the template is fully responsive, compatible with most email clients and services which makes it a great way to persuade the customers.

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Trolley v1.2 – Responsive Abandoned Cart Email Template

This template offers the files that are fully responsive on desktop as well as mobile. It is also compatible with major email clients and contains files for most of the common email builders.

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As you can see, that the rate of customers that abandon cart is high. In order to retain customer, the easy and effective way is to set up abandoned cart emails. Get started on recovering your sales today by opting for the measures suggested above.