How To Create Email Templates In Outlook

Emails are the most important mode of communication of any business. In the era of the internet sending and typing mail is a ritual that has to be followed by every employee or a business owner.
Even for sending a weekly report an individual has to email that to the concerned person. But creating the same format of mail and sending is time taking and that is why outlook email templates are designed to save lives.
Sometimes to save time most people copy-paste the previous email but in that case, the chances of happening a mistake are at a higher stake. No one wants to commit the crime of sending a different subject line from the one you are willing to send. And for that creating Outlook templates for using regularly is the safest and time-saving option. To ease out sending emails regularly to clients, business partners, customers, etc.
you can use outlook email templates. But one of the basic things in which most people get stuck is how to create an outlook HTML email template. So here is an easy technique to create outlook templates.

5 Easy Steps to create outlook email templates

Step 1: First open Outlook and log in to your account. When you are using office 365 you will see an icon on the bottom right corner of the mail looking like a blank sheet with a blue bolt. Click on it to know the list of templates.
Step 2: Add a list to your customized replies and drop it in emails by selecting the blue colored circled plus symbol icon at the bottom of the template list. You can click this icon to create a new template. Step 3: Create and write your customized template with a title and save your work.
Step 4: After you have saved the new template add it to an email. Open the template list and again and click on the template that you want to insert in your email. After doing that close it
Step 5: Now Adjust the email to the different sender and you are good to go. After knowing how to create an outlook email template, one should also be aware of the benefits of outlook email template designs and how it makes life easier for the sender.
  • Outlook HTML email template can save grace if one has to send repetitive emails, as the process of creating a template is easy.
  • Saves a lot of time, because as the templates are already created one just has to edit it and send it to the receiver without any error.
  • By using email templates, a company can speed up the productivity of an employee as they do not have to waste time in creating the design every time are sending the emails.
  • Outlook email templates are well optimized and they look good so are great to send to all customers.
Using email templates are a time savior option for every business owner. As the templates are easy to create and after the creation, one only has to do the basic editing and they are good to go. Creating an Outlook HTML template is highly recommended for every professional communication.