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Newsletter Templates

Do you want to grow your customer base and interact with your audience regularly? Select from our extensive range of smartly designed, email newsletter templates, which are easy to use and can be fully customized. These Newsletter Design generate curiosity and evoke a desire to know more about your offerings.

Email Newsletter Templates

Do you ever wonder how the marketing industry is entirely focused on building relations with the customers and making every effort to be in touch with them? And you might also have come across daily updates and information in your inbox about the brands you are indulged with. All this information plays a big role in customer retention and engagement as they are sent on the most reliable platform - emails using Email Templates.
Having discussed the ways brands try reaching their customers, we have come up with the main source of marketing, i.e., through Newsletter Templates. The offers, updates, and important deals sent through the newsletters make a one to one relationship with the buyer and keep them connected with the brand’s activities.
Daily or weekly email newsletter templates are considered as trusted sources of information mainly because of the fact that users allow them to drop in their mailboxes. Another set of newsletters, be it promotional or informative, also gain the attention of the customers just because they serve the content of their interests and urge them to take action. As per a recent survey, most clicks and conversions on the offers and deals are attained from the weekly newsletter template.
Taking note of that, it is also crucial to remember that only those with an appealing design and easy call-to-action make it to the list of most engaging  email newsletter templates. More simple and understandable the design be, more will be its impact on the minds of the customers.
The sole responsibility of the newsletter is to generate curiosity and desire to know more about the product, service, or the news that they are served with. And the most effective way to attain it is by using well-designed and fully responsive Email templates as per your brand needs and theme. This lets you think more towards the content part, leaving all the design and technical worries.

Newsletter Design & Newsletter Layout

We at Mailerstock, offer sharply curated and Outlook Email Template that is a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs. Our wide range of Online Newsletter Templates serve each industry, be it fashion, travel, photography, eCommerce, content creation, or others. The modules are specifically designed after researching the user trends and behaviour, in order to increase the engagement rate for your brand. Our skilled designers and UI experts have made sure that each and every template makes a simple yet strong impression on the customer’s mind. To make it hassle-free and device friendly, each template goes through rigorous testing - both manual and automation. Being fully satisfied with the look and responsive behaviour of newsletter templates, our experts showcase them for usage.

HTML Newsletter Template

Talking about how to use our newsletter templates, all you have to do is: Visit our templates page, search, and download the template that suits your brand type.

Test and send with any email sending service

After you are done with the content placement, choose any bulk email sending service, and send a test email. Once you are sure about the look and feel, proceed to send it to your customer database.

Now, just sit back and wait for your newsletter to do wonders!

Enjoy the modern designed newsletter templates, grow your business, and reach new heights of success. Also, you are always welcome to contact us for anything - be it a suggestion, queries or chit chat over a cup of coffee.