Order Confirmation Emails : To Boost Your Engagement and Revenue

Customer ordered a product from your website. Hurray!

Now what? The main game starts now. It is quite difficult to persuade a user for their first buy but what is more challenging is to bind them for their next purchase. Here, the most popular transactional email – Order Confirmation Emails comes into play.

According to a research, order confirmation emails are the most opened amongst all the promotional emails. The reason being that the customer needs assurance from the seller that the order is placed successfully. The order confirmation emails contribute largely when it comes to engage the customers with the brand.

Most of the famous companies leverage the benefits of the engaging order confirmation emails as they bring in more revenue to their businesses. In order to gain the confidence of your customers, some major aspects need to be kept in mind while designing the HTML email templates :

Personalize your emails

The best way to interact someone is by addressing them by their name,isn’t it? Same goes with the content when designing the order confirmation email template. This gesture creates a feeling of familiarity amongst the customers. Below is the way through which this can be done :

Be Courteous

Once a customer receives an order confirmation email in their inbox, he/she is satisfied that the order is placed successfully. The customer is more likely to be happy when a thank you message is sent in the confirmation email. A little act of courtesy can win you customer’s loyalty.

Complete Order Information

While focusing on all the other aspects, the main reason of sending the email should not hide, i.e, the order information. There has to be a clear and descriptive way to showcase what the customer has ordered. The information should be comprised of the : product image, product name, quantity and the price. This information is beautifully depicted in the template :

Mobile-Friendly Design

According to a survey, 55% of the emails are opened in the mobile devices. Why should we lag behind? The best option to be in the game is to design mobile-friendly email templates or you can simply use the ready-to-use email templates that saves time and energy. We offer a wide range of responsive html email templates that serves your purpose in the best way possible.

Personalized Recommendations

Doesn’t it feel valued when someone pays attention to your interests? You can encourage the customers to buy more products by simply adding the product recommendation section in your order confirmation emails. You can list down the products based on the recent purchases, interests shown, browsing details and may be through the customer’s wishlist.

Keep In Touch

Always provide the customers with all the means through which they can reach out to you. This makes your brand more authentic in their perspective. Do mention the address, contact details, email ids and most importantly the social media links. Being socially connected makes them more aware of the new offers and services and it also lets you to be in constant touch with them.


The crux of order confirmation emails is to inform the customers about their purchase and subtly make the customers engaged through a heartfelt message and the above mentioned strategies. Just keep in mind, happy customer is the most loyal customer. Do share your thoughts on this topic and let us know of more such tactics that have helped you in the client engagement.