Outlook Email Templates

Are you looking for an Outlook email template? Mailerstock offers a wide variety of responsive Outlook email templates for every industry and usage. With top-notch code quality, the Mailerstock team ensures that your emails remain intact when they reach the Outlook inbox of your recipients.

Outlook Compatible Email Templates

When we talk about email marketing, our first concern is that our email newsletter should reach in the right format as designed. Maintaining this practice on all the email clients is painful as most of them have a different set of rules. The major player that forces the developers to delve more into the coding process is - Outlook. Having limited support for modern HTML and CSS, it requires different lines of code to maintain the design of the email newsletter.

According to recent research by Litmus, Outlook is the second-largest email client after Apple Mail for iPhone. Now to manage the perfect display on this fairly large segment is a big task and a vital one to ignore.

Issues in Microsoft Outlook

Background images not supported

Most of the modern design concepts depend on background images for depicting the significant message to the user. Unfortunately, Outlook does not allow the images in the background, making the designs look weird.

No support for web fonts

Adding more restriction to the interactive UI of email newsletters, Outlook has no support for the usage of web fonts; the engine renders the default font.

Grid Layout

The modular approach for designing modern email newsletters templates for outlook can be a cumbersome task as Outlook has no sense of the grid layout and its ordering.

HTML tags do not work

Most of the basic HTML tags are restricted by the rendering engine of Outlook and therefore the table layout has to be more layered and lengthy to make the easiest layouts.

The Outlook email templates sharply designed by our team of developers solve all your worries about the Outlook compatibility. The modern design approach of the newsletters leaves in amazement of using them in Outlook with ease. All the issues and pitfalls have been kept in mind while developing these email newsletter templates.