Outlook Email Templates

We have taken care of all your worries by designing the email templates that work perfectly with Outlook as well.

Outlook Email Templates

An email client by Microsoft, Outlook is used in a large number of organizations across the world. Be it receiving an email or sending it, Outlook makes the communication seamless. It is easy to set-up, understand, and use. But if there is a positive side of Outlook, there is a negative side too attached to it.

There are several email display issues that the users of Outlook face. Overcoming these issues is a big challenge for digital marketers as well as businesses who depend on email marketing for promotion. Outlook email templates are one of the solutions that help in eradicating all display-related issues in Outlook.

But before we bring into limelight the Outlook templates for email, let’s have a look at the different email-related issues an individual faces while using this email client.

  • The Issue of Image Size: When it comes to Microsoft Outlook, it doesn’t recognize the HTML that is used to resize an image. Thus, the client shows the original image size and not the resized one.

  • No Background Image: Even when you have a background image in your emailer, Outlook doesn’t display it. The long way to fix this is by altering the code of your emailer. But if you wish to avoid this hassle, an Outlook email template design purchased from a trusted source could lend you a helping hand.

  • Doesn’t Display Margin: Unless you have used a good spacer widget in your Outlook email template or emailer, Outlook doesn’t show any margin to the recipient. The lack of margin is enough to kill the elegance of your emailer.

  • GIFs Don’t Animate: GIFs in Outlook are just shown as flat images. This issue is common in Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013. Thus, if you have an offer or announcement at the end of your GIF image, the users will never get to see it.

  • Spacing Issues: This is perhaps one of the most common issues related to Outlook. If there is more of text and less of images in your emailer, there will be some spacing issues which will disturb the entire text alignment.

  • Rendering-Related Issues: Outlook does not render the styling of the emailer using normal CSS and HTML. The same leads to several issues such as duplicate buttons, broken text in the buttons, the incorrect font on the buttons, etc.

Can Outlook Email Templates Help to Eliminate these Issues?

When you go for an Outlook template for email , it helps you get rid of most of the issues mentioned above. However, it is very much necessary that you purchase these templates from a trusted source.

Mailerstock is one such source that designs amazing Outlook html email templates. With the top-notch code quality, the Mailerstock team ensures that your emailers remain intact when they reach the Outlook of their recipients. Apart from the code quality, there are various other reasons to opt for an Outlook email template online from Mailerstock.

  • Responsive nature: The templates look perfectly fine on all mobile devices.

  • Supports all prominent email clients

  • Easy customization: The email templates for Microsoft Outlook offered by Mailerstock can be customized easily. The presence of a large number of customization features allows you to modify the templates as per your requirement.

  • A Large Collection of Templates: At Mailerstock, you are sure to find a template that suits your need. The portal hosts different emailers designed with different objectives and industries in mind.

  • Superior Quality Templates: All the Outlook templates hosted on the portal are checked on ‘Email on Acid’. Thus, you do not have to invest your time in checking the templates again.

Want to get rid of the Microsoft Outlook limitations and constraints? Invest in affordable Outlook email templates offered by Mailerstock.