Terms of Services

Terms of Use

Hello and welcome to the Terms of Services of Mailerstock. This is important and affects your legal rights. Request you to read all the terms and conditions mentioned below carefully.

Your Acceptance

By visiting or using the Mailerstock website or any of its offerings, you signify your agreement to these terms, as well as, Mailerstock’s privacy policy. Although we may attempt to notify you when the terms of services are amended, you should periodically review the up-to-date version of these terms and adhere to the same.

Account on Mailerstock

To access certain features, products or services, you will have to create an account with Mailerstock. While creating that account, you must not provide any false information. The information provided by you must be accurate and correct. You may never use Mailerstock account of others without their consent. You are solely responsible for all the activities and transaction that take place on your account. We are not responsible for losses due to such unauthorized use. In the case of any security breach or password change [that takes place without your knowledge], it is your responsibility to inform Mailerstock.

Updating Financial Information

If you sign-up for any recurring plan, you agree to the recurring charges that we bill. Further, you agree to provide us valid credit card/debit card/PayPal information and authorize us to deduct the charges. In case the credit card/debit card/PayPal expires, you agree to replace the same with a new one with all the correct information. In case we are unable to process the payment from your credit card/debit card, we secure the right to hold the transaction and suspend your account until the payment is processed. In such a transaction failure, you authorize us to contact you via an email.

Buying Terms

When you purchase an email template(s) from Mailerstock, you agree to the following terms:

  • You are not allowed to cancel the completed purchase.
  • We do not guarantee that any particular email template will continue to be available on Mailerstock in future. So, you agree to save the template once you download it.
  • When you download a template and save it, you claim no ownership of the same. The ownership of the templates is always retained by Mailerstock. Rather, you acquire a non-exclusive license to use the email template under the terms set out in the license.

General Terms of Use

You also agree to follow these general terms of use

  • By using our templates, you won’t send any spam e-mails.
  • You won’t use our templates to send threat emails to others.
  • You won’t use our templates to send hateful content or content that entail remarks against a particular gender, race, religion, city, state or country.
  • You won’t use the templates in connection with material which is offensive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or demeaning, or promotes discrimination.
  • You won’t held Mailerstock responsible in case you come across any error in the third-party email service, email client, and tool.
  • Mailerstock tests the templates with Email on Acid and it is only responsible for Email on Acid previews. Thus, you won’t held Mailerstock responsible for manual test and preview of the template on any device with particular settings.

Closing Your Account

You or Mailerstock may terminate this Agreement by terminating your Mailerstock account. We secure the right to terminate your account with or without any reason. If we terminate your account without any reason, and your account has a certain balance left in it, we’ll process the refund on a pro-rata basis. We are not liable to refund if you have breached or violated any of the terms mentioned in this agreement. When we terminate your account, we also erase all the data associated with it from our database.

Last Amendment to the Terms of Services updated on July 22, 2018.